Blue Dream: Strain, Effects, and More

Blue Dream is one of the most iconic cannabis strains. In addition to its tasty berry flavor, Blue Dream has a higher-than-average THC percentage. It's also an award-winning cultivar in our line of Live Rosin pods for PAX Era. Want to know a little more about this classic strain? Explore our guide to learn all about Blue Dream's origins, flavors, and effects.

What is Blue Dream strain?

Blue Dream is a legendary West Coast cannabis hybrid. This strain's key feature is its sweet, mild blueberry taste. Though it has both Sativa and Indica strains in its lineage, Blue Dream is fairly Sativa-dominant.

Though the exact cannabinoid content can vary based on the growth method, this plant tends to be high in THC and low in CBD. Pax’s Blue Dream offers a potent THC concentrate level of 92.44%. Blue Dream contains a broad blend of flavorful terpenes. Its main terpene is Myrcene, but it also contains moderate amounts of linalool, pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene.

Why is it called Blue Dream?

Blue Dream is one of the most mysterious cannabis hybrids. As far as cannabis historians can tell, it most likely originated somewhere in the Santa Cruz area in the early 2000s. No one knows who created it or who coined the name.

However, we've still got a pretty decent guess of where the name came from. As soon as you inhale a puff of Blue Dream from your Era oil extract vaporizer, you'll instantly notice the berry flavor. This strain has such a strong blueberry aroma that it's no surprise people started calling it "Blue."

The "Dream" part of the name is due to the heady effects of the strain. Not every user will have an intense, otherworldly experience, but this strain is cerebral. Users have reported that it makes them feel thoughtful, introspective, and creative.

Blue Dream strain popularity

Even if you've never tried it before, there's a chance you've probably heard of Blue Dream. This strain is consistently one of the most searched-for strains on Leafly, and it's managed to rack up over 14,000 strain reviews. States that track cannabis sales, such as Washington and Colorado, report that it's one of their top five sellers.

Blue Dream is a fan favorite within the cannabis community because it's both strong and tasty. It's referenced in plenty of music and media, such as Juicy J's "Blue Dream & Lean" album. It's also popular simply because it's widely available. Blue Dream was one of the first strains used by major cannabis concentrate companies like AbsoluteXtracts.

What is Blue Dream strain made of?

Part of the mystery of Blue Dream is its lineage. Unlike other strains, there is no detailed record of which cannabis plants created the Blue Dream cannabis strain.

Most cannabis experts believe Blue Dream's parent strains are Haze and DJ Short Blueberry. Also called "Original Haze" or "Haze OG," Haze is one of the oldest Sativa strains. This cannabis strain is a favorite of breeders because it easily passes on its cerebral effects to its sub-strains.

Meanwhile, DJ Short Blueberry is a blueberry varietal bred by legendary grower DJ Short. This plant has Southeast Asian and Central American origins that combine to create a pungent blueberry taste.

Effects of Blue Dream strain: What is Blue Dream strain good for?

As a high-THC Sativa strain, Blue Dream is ideal for when you want strong mental effects. Most users report feeling uplifted, energetic, and joyful. For some people, it may stimulate creativity and encourage outside-the-box thinking. Whenever you want to see things in a different light, give Blue Dream a try.

Keep in mind that the Blue Dream flower has a THC content of roughly 27%, so it's fairly intense. Depending on your tolerance, one breath might be enough to have you feeling Blue Dream Strain effects. Furthermore, Blue Dream doesn't have much CBD, so it probably won't make you feel sleepy and relaxed.

Is Blue Dream an Indica or Sativa?

As a hybrid, Blue Dream's background includes both Indica and Sativa strains. For the most part, users feel Blue Dream is very similar to a Sativa strain. It usually doesn't cause drowsiness, relaxation, or feelings of body heaviness like Indicas do. Instead, Blue Dream tends to be invigorating and energizing.

Blue Dream's hybrid background does occasionally result in Indica-like effects, though. For example, some users find that it reduces pain and boosts your mood, just like Indicas often do.

Growth information

Blue Dream is a popular plant to grow because it is low-maintenance and productive. It tends to grow best in compact set-ups like the Sea of Green Method. The mid-sized plants can grow up to five feet high and do not require excessive amounts of water or light.

When properly cared for, Blue Dream can produce up to 21 ounces of fresh cannabis flowers per plant. The resulting flowers are usually densely packed buds covered in a lot of long orange hairs and sticky trichomes.

Blue Dream strain reviews

What do other users think of the Blue Dream strain? For the most part, Blue Dream strain reviews are very positive. Reviews often praise the strain for how cheerful and energetic it makes them feel. People happily report that it helps motivate them to get chores done or focus on a good book. This strain also gets high marks for being flavorful and delicious.

Ultimately, Blue Dream's popularity is well-deserved. This tasty, Sativa-dominant hybrid creates enjoyable experiences while providing a strong dose of THC.

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