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PAX's one-of-a-kind rosin pods are a convenient and delicious way to explore the Blueberry OG cannabis strain. In these pods, sweet, tart blueberries and herbal, earthy cannabis combine to create a one-of-a-kind flavor. With a balanced Indica profile and high-THC content, this strain is highly popular with cannabis connoisseurs. PAX's unique extraction process ensures that you can experience all the fantastic qualities of Blueberry OG in your vaporizer.

What are live rosin pods?

If you love premium cannabis flavors, PAX live rosin pods are a must-try product. These cannabis concentrates have a unique, solvent-free extraction process. They contain 100% pure cannabis with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Unlike some other types of concentrates, live rosin pods preserve all the original attributes of cannabis. This allows you to experience the full flavor of each unique cannabis strain.

Live rosin pods are specially designed to work with our PAX Era™ vaporizer. They look like small, rectangular devices filled with clear or yellowish liquid, and they come in 0.5-gram and 1-gram sizes. To use them, you simply slot them into place on your Era and use the vaporizer normally.

What is rosin extract?

Live rosin pods get their name from rosin extract. This is a unique type of cannabis concentrate that doesn't use solvents. Unlike other processes that involve soaking dried cannabis in harsh chemicals, the rosin process typically involves high heat and pressure. Live rosin is also unique because it uses fresh cannabis instead of dried buds or stems.

Rosin is popular because it is more flavorful than other extraction methods. Instead of merely pulling out the THC, the rosin process also extracts aromatic terpenes and helpful cannabinoids. This ensures that the final product has all the benefits of the original cannabis plant.

How does PAX produce live rosin?

The PAX live rosin process starts with sourcing the freshest cannabis straight from California farms. We focus on finding unique strains known for their flavor and intensity. These cannabis flowers are flash-frozen right after harvest to lock in flavor and freshness. Then we use our proprietary rosin extraction process to turn the plant matter into a potent liquid form.

The PAX extraction process creates natural diamonds that are a purified, liquid version of THCA. These flavor-rich crystals contain all the delicate terpenes and other aromatic compounds that make cannabis so delicious. PAX's solvent-free production method ensures that our pods don't end up with any additives or excess material. Since this process concentrates the cannabis compounds, our live rosin pods end up with high-THC content of 80% or more.

New strains for PAX live rosin pods

The next time you're looking for a tasty strain to try in your PAX Era™, give Blueberry OG a try. This delicious cannabis strain is from crossing DJ Short Blueberry (also called True Blueberry) with OG Kush. The resulting cannabis is an Indica-dominant cannabis that contains terpenes, such as myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. It primarily tastes like blueberries, but some people also notice hints of lemon, mango, pepper, and fresh herbs.

PAX is happy to announce that we've started using this classic cannabis strain in our live rosin pods. The standout feature of our new Blueberry OG live rosin Indica pod is its fruity, blueberry taste. These PAX® Era™ pods have THC levels of around 80%, and the Indica-dominant cannabis creates a relaxing, full-body effect.

Blueberry OG live rosin reviews

Though Blueberry OG is a new live rosin strain, we've already started hearing back from a lot of satisfied customers. Wakeup_J reports that PAX's Blueberry OG pods were a "pleasant surprise" that resulted in intense blueberry flavor and a very intense experience. Meanwhile, Oakland_B says that it's "the most flavorful rosin I have ever vaped."

Most user reviews highlight the pleasant blueberry flavor with undertones of herbal earthiness.[6] We've also noticed that a lot of the Blueberry OG live rosin reviews mention how enjoyable this Indica oil was to vaporize. Many reviewers report that it provides enjoyably balanced effects and full-body sensations.

Blueberry OG live rosin pod locator

Interested in trying out the PAX Blueberry OG live rosin pods yourself? Our pod locator makes it fast and easy to find PAX products near you.

PAX Blueberry OG pods provide a fantastic blend of flavor and impact. Moderately high THC levels and soothing terpenes, like limonene, allow you to enjoy all the classic Indica effects. With each puff, you'll taste a rich, fruity aroma that makes the experience even better. To find out more about Blueberry OG or explore our other live rosin pod flavors, check out our full selection of PAX® Era™ pods.

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