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If you prefer vaporizing concentrates but want to avoid the messy process of loading oils and waxes into a portable vaporizer, cartridge vape pens may be a good fit for you. Simplistic in their design, vape pens are small, slender devices named for their resemblance to an everyday pen. These devices, in reusable vape pen or even disposable vape pen formats, can be easily slipped into a pocket or bag and are discreet with their low-level vapor production.

Whether you want an easy-to-use device to get started without the learning curve or you're an experienced consumer looking for an alternative to your more advanced portable vaporizer or desktop vaporizer devices, cartridge vape pens provide a high-quality experience and impressive ease of use. This guide will offer you a look at cartridge vape pens and everything you need to know about these highly recommended devices before purchasing one.

1. Why choose a pre-filled oil vape cartridge?

Cartridge vape pens are a great way to vaporize concentrates without the fuss of loading oils into a vaporizer’s chamber or oven. Pre-filled cartridges simply screw in to a battery, which powers the heating element inside the cartridge, to easily vaporize the concentrate inside. Other vapes, like the PAX Era, employ a pod system instead of screw-in cartridges, which makes swapping your materials in and out even easier. What else makes pre-filled oil vape cartridges so beneficial? Here's a quick look at some of the pros a cartridge vape pen offers.

2. Cartridge vape pens are easy to use

The simplified design of a cartridge vape pen requires no studying up or learning curve – consumers can simply pick up the device and try it. All that’s needed is a fully-charged vape pen battery and the cartridge of your choice. Most vape pens are designed with one-button functionality, with few extra settings to cycle through. More advanced vape pens have multiple temperature settings, which can usually be selected by clicking the battery’s button three times. Each vape pen differs slightly in its methods, though, so be sure to consult the device owner's manual that came with your vape pen before consuming.

Cartridges make using vape pens very simple, since the heating element is often contained within the cartridge itself. That means there are no heating coils within your actual device that require maintenance or carry the risk of malfunction after long-term use. Plus, the device requires no extra pieces to use – just attach the cartridge and it’s ready to go.

Cartridge vape pens also make it easy for consumers to switch between strains in just a few seconds. The simple screw-on design allows consumers to quickly switch to another concentrate at a moment's notice.

3. Cartridge vape pens offer a discreet experience

Vape pens are an excellent choice if you'd like to keep your usage on the low. Vape pens are easy to slip in a pocket or bag, and their slender design lends itself well to light handheld use. Most vape pens also allow you to control your draw, so if you want to ensure that vapor clouds are small, you can "sip" your vape pen gently to further reduce vapor production. Of course, there are other types of portable vaporizers designed to accommodate discreet use as well, such as the PAX 3, which features a compact design and includes precise temperature control for limiting vapor production.

4. Cartridge vape pens are inexpensive

Best of all, vape pens tend to be relatively inexpensive. If you're looking to vape on a budget, consider a simple model, although the most advanced models won't break the bank either and provide a higher quality experience. While inexpensive vape pens provide a low price point, they tend to sacrifice quality, so if you’re looking for vape you can use long-term that won’t come at the expense of your sessions, you might consider spending a bit more.

5. Which products are available as pre-filled oil cartridges?

A vast array of cannabis strains are available as pre-filled cartridges in legal cannabis markets. These cartridges typically come in 0.5 gram and 1-gram sizes.

Pre-filled oil cartridges also fit almost every available battery. Vape pen batteries are outfitted with a 510 threading, which is an industry standard. Nearly all cartridges come in this format, so there’s no need to purchase extra accessories or devices. Some vaporization devices have their own pod system and corresponding vape cartridges.

6. Types of cartridges

When selecting a vape pen cartridge, you might come across what are known as "cannabinoid-specific cartridges" and full-spectrum cartridges. There are many varieties to discover, and one should learn more about specific cartridge options at dispensaries in legal markets.

7. Cartridge vape pens offer simplicity and variety

Cartridge vape pens offer the ease of use and discretion found with other types of portable vaporizers, but with a stripped-down functionality that’s easy for consumers of all levels to pick up with no learning curve. Most pre-filled hash oil cartridges (and other concentrates) come in a standard 510 threading format, which makes for easy switching, depending on the desired experience. Available in single-cannabinoid and full-spectrum varieties, consumers can find dozens of strains, terpene profiles, and cannabinoid-rich cartridges to support their ideal vaporization experience. If you're looking for a diverse experience that doesn't require a lot of effort or pose a steep learning curve, a cartridge vape pen or pod system just may be the choice for you.

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