DaVinci IQ vs PAX 3 Comparison

Selecting the right portable vaporizer to match your preferences can be difficult. There are a wide range of portable vapes on the market, and knowing which is best suitable for your needs can be difficult. Details about aesthetics, features, and technical specifications all figure into a buying decision. This comparison of the PAX 3 and the DaVinci IQ breaks down each model’s features to help you determine which portable vaporizer is right for you.

At First Glance

The DaVinci IQ and PAX 3 portable vaporizer could be cousins. Both are small, discreet, and modern in appearance, with powerful features that deliver a satisfying vape experience.

Both portable vaporizers boast a small size which allows either one to be easily concealed and used discreetly. The PAX 3 is a compact portable vaporizer that measures 4” in height and 1.25” in width. The device is available in four colors with a matte finish: black, rose gold, teal, and silver. Standing at 3.5” tall and 1.65” wide, the DaVinci IQ is as pocketable as the PAX 3. The DaVinci IQ is available in three colors: stealth, gunmetal, and blue.

Features and Consumer Experience

The DaVinci IQ and PAX 3 check many of the same boxes. They both use a conduction heat process, featuring ovens on opposite ends of the unit from the mouthpiece, connected by a vapor path (stainless steel in the PAX 3, ceramic in the DaVinci IQ). Both enjoy up 90 minutes of vaping time and both vibrate when the oven is properly heated to the desired temperature. Both The devices include oven lids which shrink the oven size, perfect for consumers who prefer shorter sessions.

The differences reveal themselves in terms of functionality: the PAX 3 is dual-functioning for dry herb material and concentrates, while the DaVinci IQ only works with dry herb material. The PAX 3 has an ever-so-slightly-larger oven capacity of 0.35 grams to the DaVinci IQ’s 0.3 grams. The wider design of the IQ makes it a bit more difficult to conceal than the PAX 3, and the IQ’s body is constructed of zirconia ceramic, which makes it considerably heavier than the PAX 3’s anodized aluminum shell. DaVinci IQ also has a flavor chamber which can be used to infuse flavor. The DaVinci IQ can be engraved for an additional fee.

Vape Experience: Heating Settings, Material Loading, Vapor Production

When it comes to the user’s vaping experience, both the PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ deliver. Loading dry herb material is a fairly straightforward process for each unit. The PAX 3 performs best with herb material ground fine, but is able to deliver superb vape quality with a more medium ground material as well. A specially-designed insert that comes with the PAX 3 “complete kit” modifies the oven to work with concentrates.

The IQ includes a newly-designed insert designed to enhance the flavor of your vapor. The insert partially heats medium ground material in order to extract flavor without vaporizing it completely. Because the chamber works best with chunkier material and is located not far from the mouthpiece, the draw resistance can build from use and make a session more work than it needs to be. The use of ceramic zirconia on the entire vapor path produces a cool, dense vapor that’s robust in flavor. The unit reaches the lowest temperature in approximately 16 seconds; consumers need to wait longer to reach a higher desired temperature.

Utilizing a heat conduction process, the PAX 3 enjoys a quick heat time of 22 seconds or less and 6 to 8 sessions per charge. The unit delivers consistent quality for frequent sessions and can be enjoyed in the outdoors on a hike, biking, or skiing, and its stealthy appearance, lightweight body, and moderate clouds make each vaping experience discreet and enjoyable.

The smart technology of the PAX 3 unit adjusts to the consumer, making the vaping experience with PAX effortless. For example, when the device no longer detects lips on the mouthpiece, its ‘lip sensing technology’ will signal the oven chamber to cool down to preserve materials.

Battery Life

The IQ comes with one removable and rechargeable 3500mAh battery, so the consumer can avoid dealing with the lengthy charge time of 3 hours when on long excursions or trips. Of course, this can be troublesome for those who don’t want to purchase or carry extra accessories or want a bit more from the battery power of their unit. It may be possible to shorten the wait time to charge the unit or any extra batteries with additional accessories available from DaVinci. When fully charged, the DaVinci IQ delivers about an hour of usage time.

The PAX 3’s built-in rechargeable battery is easily brought back to full with the charging dock. The battery offers approximately 90 minutes of usage on a full charge. Typically, the PAX 3 can support 6 to 8 sessions on a single charge, depending on the selected temperature setting and average draw. To check battery life, consumers simply shake the device to activate the LED indicator, which will display the remaining battery life.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Warranty

When it comes to cleaning the stainless steel oven, PAX 3 continues the trend of easy usability. The unit comes with pipe cleaners and a wire brush and is straightforward with minimal parts to clean. The IQ is a bit more involved: its ceramic chamber can stain easily, which requires more frequent care, and has a few more pieces to maintain. The IQ provides alcohol wipes and a chimney brush for cleaning the device, but you might need one or two more tools to really get the job done.

The PAX 3’s complete unit retails at $249.99 which includes the dual-use vaporizer, USB charging cable, maintenance kit, elevated and flat mouthpieces, concentrate insert, a magnetic half pack oven lid, the standard oven lid, three oven screens, and a multi-tool for unpacking and cleaning out the oven. The device-only kit includes the charging cable, both mouthpieces, the standard oven lid and maintenance kit and retails at $199.99. The accessories that come in the complete kit are available for purchase separately. Both PAX 3 kits offer a 10-year warranty.

The DaVinci IQ offers a 10-year warranty as well, and comes with a USB charging cable, a 10mm adapter, a keychain tool, chimney brush, alcohol wipes and a carry can for the unit and flavor chamber for $274.99.

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