PAX Era Temperature: How to Make the Most of Your Vape

Era is designed for easy loading and discreet usage of cannabis oil. The device offers an effortless way to vape oil while carefully controlling the temperature, flavor, and potency. PAX Era pods, Live Rosin and Diamonds, are now available and from others more than 250 strains from our extract pod partners. They can be found at retailers in legal cannabis states throughout the U.S.

Pod systems are widely sought after because they make vaporizing concentrate materials a clean and easy process. The PAX Era employs SimpleClick™ pods that are discarded when depleted and replaced with a full pod. Like other types of vaporizers, the PAX Era includes a series of temperature settings that can be used to customize your experience. How exactly does temperature influence your vaping sessions?

What are the PAX Era's temperature settings?

While setting temperature on the device, the PAX Era supports four temperature intervals between 520°F to 790°F. You can easily cycle through the settings by entering Temp Set mode, which you can access by lightly shaking the device and removing the pod. In Temp Set mode, the device's LED indicator will change to display which setting you have currently selected:

  • Low: The device will warm to 520°F. This setting is represented by a single lit "petal" on the device's LED indicator.
  • Medium low: The device will warm to 610°F. This setting is represented by two lit petals on the device's LED indicator.
  • Medium high: The device will warm to 700°F. This setting is represented by three lit petals on the device's LED indicator.
  • High: The device will warm to 790°F. This setting is represented by a fully-lit LED indicator.

How does temperature influence your sessions?

Temperature profoundly impacts your cannabis vaporization experience. What do these temperature settings do for your session? Why would a warmer setting be more desirable than a lower one, or vice versa?

  • Vapor production: Generally, the higher the temperature, the more vapor your device will produce. When you select the highest temperature setting, you can expect a single puff to generate more vapor. Conversely, lower temperature settings will help you control the size of those conspicuous clouds.
  • Flavor: Altering the temperature setting could change the flavor of your vapor. When vaporizing cannabis oil, try different temperatures to see how it influences your vape experience.

Temperature governs each of these elements of your overall session, making it a critical aspect of vaping. The PAX Era's four default temperature settings give you a pretty good selection across the device's total temperature range, but what if you wanted to exercise even more control over your device? If you’re aiming for total temperature control down to the degree, the PAX Era can easily connect to your smartphone for a customized experience that supports the exact session type you want to have.

The ideal temperature setting depends on your preference

There is no right or wrong temperature at which to use your PAX Era. Any setting in the available temperature setting will get the job done. However, different temperatures produce new experiences, so it's wise to try a variety of settings to find your favorite. Understanding your own preferences is key to choosing the best temperature for your PAX Era.

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