Firefly 2 vs PAX 3 Comparison: Which One Is Best?

When it comes time to select a new portable vaporizer, there are many features for you to consider, core functionalities to study, and personal preferences to take into account. You may also need information on technical specifications, including features like temperature control and vapor production, to make the right decision. Vaping is a personal experience, so understanding your options inside and out is key to choosing one that fits your personality and your needs. Let’s see how the PAX 3 compares to the Firefly 2 in this portable vaporizer comparison.

PAX 3 vs Firefly 2: At First Glance

For consumers that like a modern aesthetic, the PAX 3 does not disappoint. The device is a sleek, compact vaporizer that is more discreet than the average portable vaporizer. At 4″ tall and 1.25″ wide, the PAX 3 is easily carried in a bag or pocket. The device’s matte finish is available in four colors: black, rose gold, teal, and silver. The PAX 3 kit includes the portable vaporizer, a charger, a maintenance kit, and two mouthpieces, while the “complete kit” includes concentrate inserts, a half-pack oven lid, multi-tool, and three screens.

The Firefly 2 has a discreet design as well, though it is a bit larger than the PAX 3. The Firefly 2 is 5.1″ tall and 1.4″ wide and is made of magnesium alloy. The device itself comes in a matte black but a variety of cases are sold separately in an array of colors and designs. The Firefly 2 includes rechargeable batteries, a charging dock, USB 3.0 cable, cleaning kit, and three concentrate pads.

Consumer Experience

Customization is the name of the game with the PAX 3. It includes five dynamic modes, which can be selected via the quick-press mouthpiece or the app. Each of these dynamic modes alters the temperature setting, automatic shutdown, draw resistance, and flavor profile to achieve your preferred type of session. The oven’s location on the bottom of the device means it is as far away from the mouthpiece as possible, while the vapor path leads directly through the device for quick and easy vapor delivery. The smart design of the PAX 3 makes for a high quality, customizable user experience that demands limited care.

The Firefly 2 offers incredibly quick heat-up times, within just a few seconds depending on the desired temperature setting. Its wide temperature range grants the consumer a high degree of control.The Firefly 2 also offers an easy method for loading material, which makes packing and repacking the chamber a cinch.

Heating Settings

The PAX 3 temperature settings range from 360 degrees to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. The conduction heating oven has an average heat-up time of 22 seconds, which varies slightly depending on the selected temperature. The extra-durable anodized aluminum shell spreads heat evenly so the PAX 3 is warm, not too hot, to the touch. PAX 3 subtly vibrates to notify the user when heating is complete, making it easy to know when your material is heated precisely to the selected temperature.

The Firefly 2 heats very quickly, reaching the selected temperature in as little as 5 to 10 seconds. Moreover, the Firefly 2 incorporates a process known as “dynamic heating convection,” which gradually heats the air around the material. This allows for each compound in the material to activate as it reaches its ideal boiling point.

Loading Flower and Concentrate

Both the PAX 3 and Firefly 2 can vaporize dry herb or concentrates.

For the PAX 3, concentrates can be loaded into the device using the concentrates insert, included in the complete kit or purchased separately. The device’s stainless steel oven measures 7/8″ and can hold about .35 grams of material. For those who wish to participate in a shorter session, the PAX 3 half-pack oven lid can reduce the oven size by 50%, to approximately .17 grams. Once the material is loaded, the PAX 3 LED light will turn green, indicating that it is ready to use.

The Firefly 2 is easy to load with flower by removing the magnetized faceplate, adding the material to the chamber, and replacing the faceplate. Concentrates can also be easily loaded by simply adding one of the included concentrate pads and following the same process. The oven is 2/3″ in size and holds about 0.2 grams of material.

Battery Life

PAX 3’s built-in battery supports between 8 and 10 sessions per charge, depending on the selected temperature and dynamic mode setting. To check battery life, simply shake the device to activate the LED indicator light. The PAX 3 battery lasts for 4 to 6 hours on a single charge, or 90 minutes of usage time.

The PAX 3 also includes lip sensor technology, which determines when the vaporizer is not in use and consequently lowers the temperature. This helps conserve both the battery and the material inside the oven, so you can leave your material in the device and ready to vape without worrying about wastefulness.

The Firefly 2 charges quickly at about 45 minutes for a full charge. The battery lasts about 4 to 6 hours on a full charge. The Firefly 2 battery is a replaceable lithium-Ion battery that can be easily swapped out if needed. The device’s LED indicator displays how much life is left with various numbers of blinks. A red blinking light indicates the battery is dead and the device requires a recharge.

Maintenance and Warranty

Maintenance with the PAX 3 is straightforward. The device is easily cleaned with the included pipe cleaners and wire brushes, which can be flossed through the vapor path after removing the oven lid, screen, and mouthpiece. Cleaning is required after every few uses, though the concentrate insert should be cleaned after each use. Cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol can be used to clean the oven and the oven screen. The PAX 3 also comes with a 10-year limited warranty, so you’ve got a decade of protection.

Cleaning the Firefly 2 requires the use of alcohol wipes to clean the surfaces of the vapor path on the chassis and lid. The device comes with a cleaning pick to help remove material from the mouthpiece and heating chamber. Concentrate material can become sticky and the cleaning pick can also be used to remove concentrate pads from the chamber. However, cleaning the concentrate pads themselves is not recommended. The Firefly 2 comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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