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Last updated July 26, 2022

What Does A Vape Cost?

If you're in the market for a vaporizer, your first question might be "how much does a vape cost?" The answer, unfortunately, isn't straightforward. With so many options, styles, and features on the market, the price can vary widely, from just a few dollars to multiple hundreds of dollars. This guide will help acquaint you with the types of vaporizers that are available to you, how they work, and what you might expect to pay for them.

Types of vaporizers

Each type of vaporizer is well-suited for a specific setup, situation, or end goal. Each type is priced differently and includes models that vary significantly in cost, from basic one-function models to units with advanced features and wireless connectivity. The three main types of vaporizers we'll examine are desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vape pens.

1. Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers tend to be the most expensive models, range from as low as $100 for a unit to as high as $700. Given their large, sturdy design and powerful performance, it's no surprise why. Most desktop vaporizers are not portable, requiring to be plugged in and set on a flat, steady surface during use. This style of vape often employs high-efficiency heating systems, granting a great degree of control over temperature settings and vapor production.

There are several desktop vaporizer styles available. Whip style vapes deliver vapor to consumers via a rubber tube, known as the "whip." These often employ convection heating when you inhale, a method of vaporizing material indirectly using the movement of hot air. Forced air vaporizers also use convection heating, utilizing a fan instead of inhalation to bring air over the material. Multifunction vapes can support both whip style methods and forced air methods, depending on your preferences and settings.

2. Portable vaporizers

If a mobile vaporizer is high on your list of priorities, then portable vaporizers are for you. These vapes are designed to be more discreet and compact, fitting easily in a pocket or bag. Portable vapes also vary in design quite a bit; some portable vapes employ pods or cartridges, like the PAX Era for example, while others include a chamber or oven for loading your materials. Some portable vaporizers, such as the PAX 3, include concentrate inserts for loading waxes and other concentrates.

The cost of a portable vape depends on its level of sophistication. Simpler portable vapes naturally cost less than those that can do it all. Ask yourself a few key questions to help you decide how to budget: How many temperature settings do I need? Am I going to vape dry herb, concentrates, or both types of materials? The more features you require, the higher the price could go.

Portable vaporizers tend to be more affordable than desktop vapes, though they also range in price quite a bit. The cheapest portable vaporizers are priced at about $40, while the most expensive can cost up to $400.

3. Vape pens

Often the most cost-effective vapes, vape pens are simple, compact devices named for their long and slender design. What they lack in power and sophistication they make up for in discretion, mobility and affordability. Many vape pens use screw-in cartridges pre-filled with concentrate materials or filled by the consumer, though some also accept dry herb material in a slender chamber or an oven.

Vape pens are typically simply constructed, including a battery, a screw-on cartridge with a built-in heating element, and a mouthpiece attached to the cartridge. Their simplicity makes them a great option for adults new to vaping. Vape pens typically range in cost from about $15 to $80 for the unit. Cartridges tend to cost about $25 to more than $50 each, depending on the material inside and the market in your state.

4. Vaporizer accessories and starter kits

When buying a vaporizer, you might also want to consider purchasing vape accessories along with it. Accessories include components like stylized mouthpieces, cleaning kits, or tools to help with loading and unloading materials. Select models are customizable to some degree, and accessories serve to augment their functionality and truly make it your own. If you're going to be investing in a vaporizer, especially if you select a more advanced device, accessorizing your vape can help improve performance and longevity.

Many vaporizers can be purchased on their own or in a starter kit. Starter kits are a great way to get all the accessories you need for your device at a bundled price. For example, the PAX 3 complete kit includes the device, plus an insert for concentrates, a half-pack oven lid to decrease the oven size for shorter sessions, a multi-tool, and three screens for $249.99. Not only do starter kits make it easy to get up and running with your new vaporizer, but they also save you some money over purchasing your accessories separately.

There's a vaporizer for every budget

One of the best things about vaping is that it’s accessible no matter your budget. If you are committed to vaporizing and have some money to spend, a high-end desktop vaporizer could be right for you. If you want to keep costs down but still want advanced functionality, portable vaporizers range from cost-effective to mid-range. And of course, if you're looking to keep costs as low as possible, or if you just want an easy-to-use substitute for your regular vaporizer, there's always vape pens. With some research and careful consideration, you'll find the right device for you.

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