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To make the best hash oils that consistently deliver experiences people want, companies truly need a professional who has put in years of practice to truly be an expert in extraction. Few people on earth have dedicated as much of their life to the craft as Collin Palmer, who brings over 27 years of experience in the solventless extraction realm to the PAX Live Rosin table. “We have created a stand-out product in the marketplace,” says the solventless extraction expert.

Why Fresh Frozen Makes the Best Cannabis Oil

Making cannabis hash oil for vaporizers is all about preserving as much of the original plant’s profile as possible. That means cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, everything inside of those milky white trichomes. Processing hash oil from fresh frozen cannabis plants is one of the best ways to achieve this mission.

Fresh frozen relates to the process of freezing plants immediately after harvest, versus putting them through the drying and curing process. The reason fresh frozen is viewed as the superior method is because it immediately locks in the highest trichome density, and terpene profile possible. Terpenes are extremely volatile and escape cannabis plants as they dry and cure. Fresh frozen plant material preserves the trichomes, and keeps those terpenes right where they belong: on the plant, and eventually in the live rosin you’ll vape. That’s why PAX fresh pressed Live Rosin with natural diamonds tastes so damn good.

How PAX Makes Pure* Cannabis Products

The proprietary extraction process behind PAX Live Rosin pods also ensures purity.* Purity in cannabis means that our products are free of harmful levels of heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, or combustion byproducts. Purity matters because you don’t want any harmful chemicals interfering with flavor, effects, and experience of vaping. The expertise Palmer brought to PAX, backed by years of practice and refinement, guarantees exactly that. “We take fresh frozen material, make hash first, isolate that hash into specific micron sizes, and that is pressed at a really low temperature to preserve the terpenoids. We post-process that to make it a viscous oil. We bring those [minor cannabinoids and terpenoids] together for a unique experience to create [PAX fresh pressed Live Rosin with natural diamonds],” says Palmer. The end result is some of the most flavorful, potent, and clean oil available.

*No harmful heavy metals, solvents, pesticides or combustion byproducts.

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