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Since the 1990s, Jack Herer has been one of the most popular cannabis strains. Named after legendary cannabis activist and book author Jack Herer, this iconic strain provides classic cannabis flavor and high THC levels. It's a favorite both because it provides a pleasant experience and because it is fairly easy to grow. Since this cannabis is so widespread and highly reviewed, it's extremely in demand among both novices and enthusiasts. If you want to experience cannabis history firsthand, Jack Herer live rosin pods are a fantastic opportunity.

Jack Herer oil extract

Oil extracts are one of the most exciting forms of cannabis. These concentrates are made by processing Jack Herer buds and turning them into an oily, liquid substance. Selecting a Jack Herer concentrate comes with many advantages. Compared to other forms of cannabis, Jack Herer extracts provide the following perks.

  • Because THC and other cannabinoids are more concentrated, many users find that Jack Herer extracts provide a more intense experience.
  • Since concentrates remove all extra plant matter, you are inhaling fewer byproducts. If you get high-end concentrates, such as PAX live rosin pods, you can avoid issues like solvents, pesticides, and contaminants.
  • Because good oil extracts will contain all the terpenes found in Jack Herer, they are often more flavorful.
  • Oil extracts are often more user-friendly. You don't need a lot of equipment, so you can enjoy cannabis without having to create a complex dab rig.
  • Lightweight oil vaporizers make it faster and more convenient to enjoy Jack Herer cannabis on the go.

Oil extracts go by many names depending on their production method and final texture. Some common styles include honey oil, dabs, tinctures, and rosin. Since there is so much variety in Jack Herer oil extracts, it is a good idea to research a product thoroughly before trying it. Take the time to look at how the manufacturer made the oil, see the product's THC content, and learn about the terpenes in the product. This can help you find a quality cannabis extract that lets you experience all that Jack Herer cannabis has to offer.

PAX Jack Herer live rosin pods

We begin the process of creating Jack Herer live rosin pods by selecting the best, freshest cannabis possible. Our Jack Herer cannabis comes from Legion of Bloom. This California-based producer is one of the only farms that grow the 10K Jack variant. So-called because a plant once sold for $10,000, this highly sought-after strain is known for a more tropical flavor and higher THC percentages.

Once we harvest this exclusive cannabis variant, we flash-freeze it. This prevents more delicate terpenes from breaking down, so our customers end up with the richest, most complex flavors possible. The frozen 10K Jack Herer buds then go through a solvent-free processing method. Instead of soaking the cannabis in harsh chemicals, we use special equipment to apply intense pressure and heat. This squeezes all the cannabinoids and terpenes out of the delicate hairs on the cannabis and creates a powerful concentrated extract.

The end product looks like a pale yellow, slightly thick liquid. This flavorful, intense live rosin goes straight into our PAX® Era™ pods. We produce pods in both 0.5-gram and 1-gram sizes, so you can get the right amount for your needs. The small, rectangular pods are lightweight, discreet, and easy to use. You can click them onto the PAX Era™ or PAX Era™ Pro to instantly start a new vaporizing experience. Our vaporizers make it fast and simple to try Jack Herer cannabis, and our proprietary technology ensures you get the full range of flavors with every breath.

Jack Herer strain characteristics

The Jack Herer strain of cannabis is a hybrid, Sativa-dominant cannabis created by Sensi Seeds in the 1990s. The cannabis was specially developed to pay homage to Jack Herer, the renowned author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Jack Herer is a somewhat unique plant because it grows very quickly. Unlike typical strains that take four or more months to grow, Jack Herer is ready in roughly two months. It's a prolific grower that creates a lot of pale green buds with bright orange leaves.

In addition to being a convenient plant to grow, the Jack Herer strain is also delicious. Growers designed it to have a mild version of the classic cannabis flavor. It has a pronounced pine-like flavor with spicy, herbal, lemony, and woody aromas. Though the flavor is very cannabis-dominant, it is sweeter and milder than other strains. Most users don't notice any pronounced skunky or bitter smells. There are many different phenotypes of Jack Herer that all have their own subtle flavor differences. For our live rosin pods, we use the 10K phenotype, which is known for additional scents of citrus and mango.

Jack Herer cannabis also has its own distinct effects. This hybrid combines Sativa Haze plants with Indica Northern Lights 5 and Shiva Skunk plants. Most people notice more Sativa-heavy sensations when they try this cannabis. It is very cerebral and tends to help people feel focused, excited, happy, and friendly. Due to high THC levels, many people report that the effects are quite noticeable. Some users also notice the balancing impact of Jack Herer's parentage. Compared to straight Sativa blends, many people feel Jack Herer is less likely to cause tenseness or jitteriness.

When you want a tasty, satisfying experience, Jack Herer live rosin is a great option. This cannabis provides classic flavor with a smooth, lightly tropical twist. Thanks to its Sativa parentage, it's a popular choice for those who prefer feeling energetic, clear-headed, and motivated. To try Jack Herer and other popular cannabis strains, explore the PAX live rosin pod lineup now.

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