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PAX 3 is one of the first dual-use portable vaporizers available to consumers. Celebrated by device owners everywhere for its high-level performance, the device quickly earned its reputation as a customer favorite, with new and experienced consumers alike hailing PAX 3 as a discreet way to vapor materials on the go.

Check Out This PAX 3 Review Before Your First Session:

It’s important to learn the ins and outs of your device so you can properly take advantage of its unique features and benefits. This portable vaporizer introduces several new components over the previous generation of PAX personal loose-leaf vaporizers, including dynamic modes for optimized and personalized sessions, and decreased heat-up times. This PAX 3 review details these new and exciting features that consumers find so useful, so you can get the most out of your portable vaporizer right away.

1. Choose your Materials: Dry Herb or Concentrates

The PAX 3 is the first device in the PAX family that allows you to switch seamlessly between dry herb and concentrates. Instead of carrying two personal vaporizers, you can use the concentrates insert to turn your loose-leaf vaporizer into a powerful on-the-go concentrates vaporizer. (The PAX 3 complete kit includes concentrates accessories; these parts are also available for separate purchase.)

The device’s oven measures ⅞” and holds approximately .35 grams of material. You can cut the size of the oven by approximately 50%, to approximately .17 grams, by using the half pack oven lid that comes in the PAX 3 complete kit (this is also available for purchase separately). This magnetized lid removes and installs in seconds, while the concentrates insert attaches seamlessly onto the lid.

2. Smart Design Leads the Way

Simply put, PAX 3 doesn’t look like a vaporizer. The smooth and sleek device is a little smaller than a granola bar, standing at 4” tall and 1” wide. If a modern, streamlined aesthetic is your thing, then look no further. The extra-durable anodized aluminum shell distributes the oven’s heat, so the portable vaporizer is warm but not hot to the touch while in use. This material is also easy to clean, only requiring a quick wipe to remove fingerprints.

A favored feature of many consumers is that the oven is strategically placed at the bottom of the PAX 3, allowing for the maximum possible distance between oven and mouthpiece without sacrificing design or portability. Vapor cools as it travels through the vapor path, producing a pleasantly-warm vapor. The vapor path, constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel, leads directly from the oven to the mouthpiece for quick and easy vapor delivery.

Another user-friendly feature often cited by consumers is the device’s easy-to-read LED indicator light, which appears in the shape of the PAX logo. The LED light indicates device status and battery life.

The device is easily stored in a bag or carried around in a pocket, and is oft-cited as one of the most portable personal vaporizers on the market.

3. PAX 3 Heats Up in 22 Seconds

Consumers also praise the PAX 3’s rapid heat-up process. Previous iterations of the portable vaporizer took upwards of 45 seconds to heat, but the portable vaporizer boasts an average heat-up time of 22 seconds. Heat-up time depends on the selected temperature, which can range from 360 degrees to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. A quick vibration quietly notifies you when the oven has finished heating.

The vaporizer turns up the oven temperature when the device reaches your mouth. For device owners, the lip sensor technology is a welcome feature that helps to conserve the material inside the oven while providing for an optimized vapor experience.

4. The PAX 3 Battery Powers Through Multiple Sessions

A single charge can last anywhere from 8 to 10 sessions, depending on the selected temperature and dynamic mode. That’s approximately 90 minutes of total operation. To check your battery life, gently shake the device to display battery level on the LED indicator light.

PAX 3 has an auto-shutdown mode which helps conserve the battery and oven contents. The device will turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity by default; select dynamic modes shorten or lengthen this wait time.

5. Dynamic Modes Optimize the Vaporization Experience

Pre-designated settings called dynamic modes are a core function of the PAX 3. These modes are calculated presets designed to support a variety of desired effects. Quick-press the mouthpiece to cycle through these dynamic modes:

  • Standard Mode: Designed to balance vapor production and flavor preservation, Standard Mode increases oven temperature when your lips are detected (a feature called lip sensing technology) and auto-cools when your lips haven’t touched the vaporizer for 20 seconds.
  • Boost Mode: Programmed for those who want more vapor production without sacrificing their preferred temperature setting, Boost Mode ramps up temperature faster, waits longer to auto-cool, and increases the standby time to 1 minute.
  • Efficiency Mode: This mode supports consistent vapor production by automatically increasing oven temperature by 1 degree for every two seconds that your lips are on the device. While the maximum ramp temperature is fixed.
  • Flavor Mode: This mode utilizes faster heating and cooling times for fine-tuned flavor preservation and on-demand vapor production.
  • Stealth Mode: Ideal for those who want the ultimate in discretion while the device is in use, Stealth Mode maintains a lower temperature, cools down faster, and enters standby mode in 15 seconds. This mode also turns down the LED indicator light, to call less attention to the device while in use.

6. Everything You Need Comes in the Box

Both the device-only and complete kits come with the following accessories:

  • Two silicone mouthpieces: The flat mouthpiece lays flush with the top of the PAX 3, while the raised mouthpiece elevates lips from the device itself. The mouthpieces can be changed in just a few seconds.
  • Maintenance kit: Each PAX 3 personal vaporizer comes with a fully-stocked maintenance kit, which includes pipe cleaners and a wire brush to clean the vapor path.
  • USB charger: Connect the PAX 3 charging base to any USB port. The device is secured magnetically to the base while charging -- no charging ports required.

The complete kit contains the parts necessary to consume concentrates with PAX 3. These parts include:

  • Concentrate insert: This specially-designed insert allows you to place a small amount of concentrate in the oven.
  • Multi-tool: Made from food-grade materials, the heat-resistant multi-tool allows you to pack or empty the oven with ease.
  • Half pack oven lid: Switch out the regular oven lid with a half pack oven lid. That reduces the capacity of the oven, so less material is wasted during a shorter session.
  • Three oven screens: These screens help prevent product build-up in the oven.

8. Simplified Care and Maintenance

Your PAX 3 should be cleaned every few uses to optimize both the material flavor and the vapor path’s resistance. The included pipe cleaners and wire brush can be flossed through the vapor path after removing the oven lid, oven screen, and mouthpiece. The concentrate insert should be cleaned after each use.

PAX recommends cleaning the oven with cotton swabs and using isopropyl alcohol to clean the oven screen. Do not submerge the oven lid or the half pack lid into water or isopropyl alcohol, but the concentrate insert chamber itself may be submerged.

Each device purchase automatically comes with a limited 10-year manufacturer’s warranty which protects your purchase in the event of defects in materials and workmanship.

The PAX 3 can be purchased as a Complete Kit or Basic Kit on the PAX website.

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