Two PAX Pods stacked on top of each other

Each PAX personal vaporizer comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that supports powerful and lengthy sessions. You won’t need to wait long at all to try your PAX right out of the box -- all it needs to do is spend a bit of time on the charging cradle, and you’re ready to begin using your vaporizer.

Every device unit behaves a little differently, with variety in charging times and battery life. This guide takes you through how to charge each PAX model, charging time per device, and what you can do to preserve the battery during your sessions.

Charging your PAX

PAX 2’s battery lasts for approximately 5 to 10 sessions, PAX 3 lasts from 8 to 10 sessions, PAX Era Pro will support approximately 200 draws and PAX Era Life lasts for roughly 150 puffs. You’ll know it’s time to recharge your PAX device when the LED indicator blinks red. All four petals on the PAX 2 LED indicator will blink red and then the unit will shut off. A single petal on the PAX 3 will blink red as a warning before the device shuts off.

Each PAX model comes with a charging dock which you can attach to a USB port found on your computer, laptop, wall charger, wall plate, or portable power pack. An AC wall charger, which can recharge your device faster, is available for purchase on the PAX website.

To charge your PAX device, lay the portable vaporizer onto the magnetic charging dock, where it will be held securely in place. The PAX 2 recharges in approximately 2 to 3 hours, while PAX 3 takes around 90 minutes.

Checking your PAX’s battery level

PAX 2 and PAX 3 both support the shake feature. To check battery life, gently shake the device from side to side while it’s turned on. The LED indicator light will turn white. Each petal corresponds to around 25% battery life.

Features that preserve battery life

Your battery life depends greatly on how often you use your vaporizer, the number of draws you take in a session, the vapor production you want to achieve, and the temperature setting you choose.

  • Standby mode: PAX 2 and PAX 3 can detect when the device is not in use. When you have not taken a draw for 30 seconds, both vaporizer models will enter standby mode to preserve materials and battery. Certain dynamic modes on the PAX 3 lengthen or shorten the wait time to 1 minute or 15 seconds, respectively.
  • Dynamic modes: Unique to the PAX 3, dynamic modes support an individualized vapor session. Some modes support increased vapor production, while others are designed to preserve flavor. Stealth mode may prolong battery life, as this mode places PAX 3 into standby in just 15 seconds.
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