The Importance of Temperature for Your PAX Device

Our Director of Applied Research, Conrad Legendy, shares how to have the most confident cannabis experience.

The Importance of Temperature

Controlling temperature in a vaporizer is critical. With Era Pro, we introduced ExpertTemp – which automatically sets your pod to the optimal setting for that pod’s flavor. When the temperature is set right, you can taste all of the flavor notes in the cannabis. You can change the temperature on your Era and Era Pro using the device

The Era collection allows you to control the temperature. The Era and Era Pro’s precision temperature control is achieved by checking the temperature dozens of times every second. When the temperature is too high, it stops sending power to the heater, when it’s too low, it increases the heating energy. No matter what the temperature is outside, your Era device will always hit the set temperature.

So why does it matter?

Unfortunately, most vapes on the market do not allow you to control the temperature in any way. That creates some important health risks for unassuming vapers. Whenever we do safety tests with the Era collection, we always focus on the highest temperature – 420ºC. But most vapes reach temperatures of 800ºC.

When cannabis oil gets too hot, you can taste it immediately. At higher temperatures, those characteristic cannabis tastes disappear. Hotter still, and they can be replaced by a distinctive burned taste. This is often accompanied by a dense, milky white cloud of vapor. However, when temperatures are this high, there can be a fine line between vapor and smoke. When these hot vapors are analyzed in a lab, you find higher levels of potentially harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide.

Discover the Era collection and control your temperature

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