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Ever since it appeared on the silver screen, the Pineapple Express strain has been a beloved part of cannabis culture. This fruity, Sativa-dominant hybrid is a classic that almost everyone will want to try at least once.[2] PAX Pineapple Express live rosin pods let you experience this iconic strain with your vaporizer. Thanks to our cutting-edge extraction technology, you can enjoy the distinct flavor profile of Pineapple Express in your PAX Era™.

What is live rosin?

Live rosin is a form of cannabis concentrate. It extracts all the flavor and useful compounds inside of cannabis and turns it into a compact substance. To qualify as live rosin, a substance has to come from fresh cannabis processed at very high temperatures and pressures. Traditional rosin has a texture similar to honey or wax, and it is a clear or amber color. Live rosin is a little trickier to produce than other types of cannabis concentrates, so it is often harder to find on the market. However, many cannabis connoisseurs feel it is worth the search.

Live rosin has many unique benefits. It is very concentrated, so live rosin is often more potent than plain cannabis. In addition to being stronger, live rosin is more flavorful than options like shatter or butter. Analysis of rosin shows that it usually has all the terpenes inside of plain cannabis. These naturally occurring aromatic compounds are the source of cannabis' distinct scent and taste. Therefore, concentrates with higher levels of terpenes tend to be more flavorful when you vaporize them.

What is cannabis oil extract?

Cannabis oil extract is a very broad class of cannabis products. The term refers to just about any type of cannabis product that is in a liquid, oily form. Cannabis oils contain some of the various cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant.

There is a lot of variety in cannabis oil extracts. Some oils are CBD oil that contains less than 0.5% THC. Others are hash oils that can have up to 30% THC. There is also variety in how people make cannabis oils. Some manufacturers produce them by cooking cannabis plant matter in oil while others start by soaking cannabis in solvents.[5] Depending on the cannabis oil's method of production, you might be able to consume it by eating it, dabbing it, or vaporizing it.

How is live rosin produced?

The live rosin process starts by collecting fresh, full-flower cannabis and flash-freezing it. A lot of the more delicate terpenes are very volatile and start to fade away right after harvest. This method helps ensure no terpenes evaporate before the plant matter finally gets to the processing station.

Next, the live rosin manufacturers begin the extraction process. Unlike other methods, harsh chemicals and solvents are not involved. Instead, live rosin gets made by exposing the cannabis to intense temperatures and pressure. This literally squeezes the flavorful oils out of the cannabis to create the rosin. The highly efficient method ensures that the end product is 100% pure cannabis.

PAX live rosin pods

With PAX live rosin pods, we can bring the full flavor of Pineapple Express to our customers. Thanks to our proprietary extraction method, you get the full range of pineapple, citrus, pine, and herbal tastes. Natural diamonds, which are a purified form of liquid THCA, provide extra potency and intensity. Our pods contain nothing but pure, premium live rosin in a compact, convenient package. The oil inside is solvent-free, and the exterior gets made from food-grade materials that fully meet all medical standards.

PAX live rosin pods look like small, rectangular cartridges that you can click onto the end of your PAX Era™ or PAX Era™ Pro. Once it's in place, enjoying your cannabis is as simple as picking your settings and taking a breath. Thanks to the careful design of our pods, each pod keeps working perfectly until the last drop of live rosin is gone.

Pineapple Express live rosin reviews

What do people think of our Pineapple Express live rosin pods? The first thing that most users notice is the distinct flavors. Pineapple Express cannabis gets crossbred from Trainwreck and Hawaiian cannabis. This combination creates a Pineapple Express cart filled with ocimene, limonene, and caryophyllene. People who vaporize it report an initial blast of pineapple and citrus balanced by subtle hints of earthiness and pine.

The other thing most reviews mention is the strength of this live rosin. Our pods of Pineapple Express live rosin have a THC content of over 80%.[1] Due to its Sativa ancestry, this cannabis is often associated with cerebral effects. Many reviewers say that they like to enjoy music, play video games, or go for a hike when using this strain. People frequently bring up that Pineapple Express rosin leaves them feeling giggly, energetic, and hyper.

Pineapple Express live rosin pod locator

It's easy to enjoy the flavor of Pineapple Express live rosin in your PAX vaporizer. PAX® Era™ pods get sold in a variety of locations around the country. To discover the location closest to you, check out our helpful store locator. You can find convenient locations in three easy steps.

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