Tahoe Rose

For several decades, Tahoe OG has been a favorite within the cannabis community. This OG Kush variant offers classic cannabis flavor with extra-strong effects. It's great on its own, but it becomes even better when blended with other variants. Explore our guide for more details about this iconic cannabis strain.

What is Tahoe OG?

Tahoe OG is a cannabis hybrid that was first created in the Lake Tahoe region of California. Known for its classic, earthy, and herbal flavor, it provides a balanced blend of mental and physical effects. The Tahoe OG strain is extremely strong and fast-acting, so it's ideal for those who enjoy intense experiences.

Tahoe OG buds are very large and dense, with a bright green hue and orange hairs. This cannabis strain has THC levels of up to 21%, CBG levels of around 1%, and minimal CBD. It contains large amounts of myrcene along with moderate amounts of limonene and caryophyllene.

Is the Tahoe OG Strain an Indica or a Sativa?

Tahoe OG is a true 50/50 hybrid, so you can experience both Indica and Sativa effects. Many people feel that Tahoe OG can lean toward being an Indica because it is very calming and relaxing. It's quite common for users to find that Tahoe OG is primarily an Indica strain. However, it also provides some Sativa effects, such as euphoria and introspection.

Tahoe OG variants

Tahoe OG is such an iconic cannabis strain that breeders often use it for developing new varieties. These strains usually keep the classic aroma and effects of the Tahoe weed strain while adding additional flavor notes. For example, White Tahoe OG Cookies uses Girl Scout Cookies to add a sweet, desert flavor to the strain. Tahoe Rose combines Tahoe OG with Rose Bud to get a strong, Indica-leaning hybrid with floral notes. Tahoe Rose is one of the indica cultivars in our line of Live Rosin pods for PAX Era available in select markets. Other popular variants include:

  • Heavenly OG
  • Lavoo
  • Pie Hoe
  • Creeper
  • Prometheus
  • Seven Ghost

What strains are Tahoe OG made from?

Famed breeder Ganja Guru created Tahoe OG in the early 1990s. Unlike many other popular strains, Tahoe OG isn't a combination of multiple distinct strains. Instead, it's a phenotype of OG Kush. This means that it shares the same base genetics as OG Kush, but it was bred to express a set of distinct features.

Tahoe OG has its roots in a blend of Thai, Dutch, and Pakistan cannabis plants. These various cannabis plants combine to make OG Kush, a hybrid cannabis known for its spicy, skunky flavor. Ganja Guru then selectively bred OG Kush plants based on their THC levels and trichome density. The end result was Tahoe OG, a plant with higher THC and denser trichomes than classic OG Kush.

What Does Tahoe OG Smell Like? What Does It Taste Like?

The Tahoe OG Kush strain has the iconic, earthy smell that's classically associated with cannabis. This strain's predominant scents tend to be skunky, woody, and piney, and due to the high amount of trichomes, it smells very fragrant. When the vapor flows across your tongue, a few more pleasant notes appear. Many people notice hints of lemon, citrus, and other fruits.

Tahoe OG tends to work very well with other cannabis aromas. Crossing it with other strains tends to keep the effects of OG Tahoe while layering the other strain's scents and flavors on top. It pairs nicely with floral, sweet, and herbal flavors.

How Strong is Tahoe OG?

Tahoe OG is a moderately strong cannabis strain. Pure cannabis flowers tend to have THC of 18% to 21%, while most concentrates are in the 80% to 90% range. This means the strain is usually strong enough to have noticeable effects but mild enough to allow for everyday activities. Keep in mind that even though this isn't one of the absolute strongest cannabis variants, it can feel very strong. The Indica-dominance tends to lead to very noticeable physical sensations. Even if you're not extremely hyper or giggly, you may notice a pleasant sense of heaviness in the limbs or light tingling across your face.

Is Tahoe OG Good for Sleep?

One of the most popular uses for this strain is sleeping. People often report that it causes strong sensations of drowsiness. This sleepiness tends to be more noticeable as the rest of the cannabis effects start to wind down. Therefore, many users say they like using this strain to unwind toward the end of the day. If you're not interested in drowsiness, some Tahoe OG weed variants may skip this side effect. Look for phenotypes with extra Sativa effects if you want to remain alert.

What is the Best Tahoe OG Cartridge?

Because it's so popular, this strain is commonly used in the types of cannabis extracts you can vaporize in your PAX Era Pro. When selecting a Tahoe OG cartridge, take the time to carefully consider the cartridge's manufacturing process. The best cartridges typically contain Tahoe OG live rosin. Live rosin uses a solventless extraction process on flash-frozen fresh cannabis, so it creates an incredibly pure cartridge with a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Tahoe Rose Provides an Exciting New Experience

When you're looking for Tahoe OG cartridges, take the time to check out new variants. Tahoe Rose is an interesting take on the classic Tahoe OG strain. This rose-scented strain has the classic, Indica-leaning effects of Tahoe OG while adding pleasant floral and herbal notes. If you enjoy citrusy, lemony, and hoppy flavors, this is a great cartridge to try.

Whether you love cannabis classics or want to try something different, the Tahoe strain is an exciting choice. This calming, relaxing hybrid has a mild, earthy flavor that's always enjoyable, and it seamlessly combines with other strains to create exciting new flavors. Tahoe OG is a reliable favorite that cannabis connoisseurs find themselves coming back to time and time again.

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