The Lab's Tangie Pod

In the world of cannabis strains with citrus terpenes, Tangie is one the most famous cultivars of all time. And with its legendary status has come a lot of imposters that don’t quite bring out the exact terpene profile you expect from it. Fortunately, for everyone reading this journal, The Lab, an award-winning processor based in Colorado, has the actual cut of the legendary strain that was created over three decades ago. They’ve used it to make one of the best live resin PAX Era pods on the market.

“Tangie’s been one of our long-time bestsellers, and it’s one of our most-awarded strains. It won first place for Sativa [flower] in the [2013] High Times Cannabis Cup,” says Kristi Ryder, Director of Sales at The Lab.

Tangie history and genetics

Tangie is known as a remake of an old school ‘90s strain named Tangerine Dream. It was bred by the legendary DNA Genetics, and is a cross of Cali Orange and Candy Jack, a Jack Herer x Skunk # 1 hybrid. Since its inception, Tangie has been used to breed many other popular citrus flavored stains including Sour Tangie (East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie) and 24k Gold (Kosher Kush x Tangie).

When The Lab first launched Tangie, it was one of the most highly sought-after, rare genetics. They were one of the first companies in Colorado to own the original Tangie cut.

How Tangie grows, smells, and tastes

Tangie is a sativa that grows tall as the sky. It has leafy green and orange buds, and smells like a field of oranges. That same aroma translates to the smoke flavor as well, making consumers feel like they’ve chopped down an orange tree and put the fruit directly into a PAX Era pod.

“When you smell it, smoke it, vape it, there’s just nothing like it”, Ryder says about Tangie’s extremely flavorful experience.

The smell and taste of cannabis strains are driven by their terpene profile. The most prominent terpenes in The Lab’s Tangie are pinene, limonene, myrcene, and linalool.

Where can you buy The Lab’s Tangie PAX Era pod?

There are plenty of different Tangie cuts on the market. However, if you want the real deal, look no further than The Lab’s Tangie live resin PAX Era pod, available throughout Colorado. Consuming live resin allows for people who love cannabis, but don’t actually want to smoke, to get as close to the experience of consuming Tangie flower and dabs as possible.

“Before us, no one was actually putting live resin into a vape. That’s how we made our name in the vape game,” the Director of Sales for The Lab tells me.

According to their website, you can consistently find The Lab’s Tangie live resin PAX Era pods at pretty much any dispensary in Colorado.

How to optimize The Lab’s Tangie PAX Era pod

The Lab was PAX’s first partner in Colorado, second partner nationwide. They partnered with PAX because of the company’s elite vape technology that allows optimal temperature control. Of it, Ryder says “The technology behind the PAX Era device that actually stops the temperature is really crucial to the end user’s experience. Especially with live resin products, and especially with Tangie, because we want you to taste it.”

How to optimize The Lab’s Tangie PAX Era pod largely depends on the experience you’re seeking. If you want big puffs of vapor, you’ll be using a higher temperature, probably somewhere around 600 degree Fahrenheit. If you’re chasing flavor, you’ll probably be working around a lower temperature, in the mid-500s range. While it’s truly a choose your own adventure scenario, The Lab suggests that people set their Era device at 550 degrees Fahrenheit to get the absolute most of their Tangie live resin PAX Era pod’s flavor and experience.

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