US vs. THEM: Episode 1 - Price

We are excited to bring you the first episode of Us vs Them, where we dive into what sets PAX apart from other cannabis brands. First off, let's talk about Price.

You might be wondering why PAX products are more expensive than other cannabis brands. The answer is simple: PAX CARES. As leaders in the cannabis space, PAX is dedicated to advocating for more access to consumers, product stability, product safety, and better experiences. We proudly invest in Social Reform, Sustainability, and Safe Access in cannabis, and your support goes towards a more sustainable and equitable future for people, patients, and the planet.

This year, PAX launched the PEACE BY PAX initiative, which aims to impact over 1000 patients in need of cannabis as medicine. And that’s not all. Here are three more reasons why PAX products are worth the investment:

PAX is a first of its kind. Since 2007, PAX has been working hard to bring innovation and new ideas to the cannabis space. Our award-winning devices have earned the trust of millions with their cutting-edge safety, design, and quality. Behind every PAX device is a team of expert engineers, chemists, and our own in-house toxicologist. Each device passes a rigorous 122-item test and qualification plan for safety, quality, and reliability. Only the highest quality food-grade materials go into PAX devices, so you can have total peace of mind when consuming your cannabis.

PAX offers a full line of devices to fit your needs. Whether you prefer a dual-use vaporizer, concentrate insert, small discrete device, or a portable option, PAX has you covered. Our devices are designed to be combustion-free, delivering big hits and smooth highs with no smoke and less odor. Plus, PAX devices come in a variety of colors and are customizable to fit your style.

PAX values quality over quantity and stands by our products. We offer up to a 10-year warranty on our devices, although you probably won’t need to use it. Our devices are built to last using the highest quality food-grade materials, like Swedish metal for our heating coils, resulting in a higher quality experience. The other guys use industrial-grade metals and materials that can contain harmful chemicals, especially when heated. We recognize that our devices are an investment, which is why we don’t expect you to buy a new one every year. PAX 1 was released in 2012, and people are still using them today. That’s the #PAXLife. 

Other vape companies haven’t changed their design or technology in years, offer no warranty, potentially use unsafe industrial-grade materials, and are often thrown away when they stop working. This all equals more waste, more money, and more risk to you. 

Ultimately, when you invest in a PAX device, you’re investing in quality, safety, and sustainability. We’re proud to be a leader in the cannabis space, and we’re committed to pushing the envelope and increasing industry standards. Thanks for tuning in to Us vs Them, and stay tuned for more episodes where we dive deeper into what sets PAX apart.

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