Why Solventless Concentrates Make the Best Quality Vape Oil

When it comes to choosing the best cannabis concentrates, you want something as flavorful, potent, and free of harmful chemicals as the original weed plant should be. Solventless concentrates are lauded for delivering that exact experience. That’s why you’ll love PAX's solventless, fresh-pressed Live Rosin with natural diamonds.

What are solventless concentrates?

Solventless concentrates are types of cannabis extracts that are created without the use of chemical solvents like butane, ethanol, and carbon dioxide, to name a few. To make cannabis oil, the milky white crystals called trichomes are separated from the cannabis plant material, and then further processed into the various oils we vaporize. The systems that do this process without the use of solvents are considered superior by many concentrate enthusiasts, simply because they don’t need to go through the process of removing harmful solvents of any kind.

The goal of solventless extraction is to preserve as much of the original cannabis plant’s cannabinoid and terpene profile as possible. This ensures bold flavors, high potency, and an unquestionable purity for the end consumer. Examples of solventless concentrates are ice water hash, bubble hash, kief, and flower rosin.

Solventless-concentrates vs. Solvent-based concentrates

Solventless-concentrates vs. solvent-based concentrates is a debate as old as time. The truth is that solvent-based vape oil can be just as good as solventless. It all comes down to personal preference, how the oil was processed, and if the final product provides the qualities you’re looking for in some high quality cannabis oil.

The reason many extract fans champion solventless concentrates, like live rosin, over the alternatives is because they can be sure that no butane, ethanol, Co2, ever touched the trichomes. Live rosin is also made from a fresh frozen process that locks trichomes into place immediately after harvest. Therefore, people can feel reassured that the trichomes and oil from them mirror the original cannabis strain as closely as possible. That means for cannabis consumers who love the way Jack Herer flower tastes and feels, they can expect a very similar experience from vaping Jack Herer pods made with PAX's solventless, fresh-pressed Live Rosin with natural diamonds.*

*No harmful heavy metals, solvents, pesticides or combustion byproducts.

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