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Dear PAX, 

Just starting to get the hang of using my new PAX 3. 

Loving it so far. And, after upgrading from a bowl and a lighter, this feels like I’m enjoying weed in the future. I have noticed that during my sessions, my PAX starts to feel a little warm. Is this normal? Am I doing it right?

Too Hot To Handle

Dear Too Hot, 

First off, welcome to PAX! And welcome to the future.

     Always glad to hear folks out there are enjoying our devices. But I definitely hope your PAX 3 device isn’t “too hot to handle” as your pen-name implies.

     Due to the fact that there’s an oven inside the device, it’s definitely normal for the outer shell of PAX 3 to feel warm during use.  But it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Here’s a few tips to keep in my to help make sure your PAX experience is always cool:

  • It's important to note that if PAX is left standing alone (as opposed to continually held) especially while it's heating, it will get hot, but as soon as you gently wrap your hand around it, the heat will dissipate into your skin.
  • The oven area, located at the bottom of the device, will be warmer than the top of the device, so we recommend holding PAX 3 towards the top.
  • Try selecting a lower temperature preset. Remember that lower temps tend to be better for preserving the flavor of the flower.
  • PAX operates at temperatures hot enough to create vapor, so if it feels hot to the touch it means your PAX 3 device is working. 

Stay cool, 



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