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Hey PAX, 

    For my birthday, I decided to treat myself to new hardware at my go-to dispensary. After checking out a few bowls and bongs, the PAX 3 caught my eye. It was highly recommended by my budtender and I love the look of it. Although I’ve always been more of an old-school cannabis smoker, I decided to give it a shot and purchased one. Right now, I feel like I’m barely getting a hit out of it. Got any tips for a cannabis Luddite to get the most out of my new PAX 3? Because right now I feel like I’m barely getting a hit out of it. 

Smokeless in Seattle



Hiya Smokeless, 

Happy belated birthday! And welcome to the world of PAX! 
    If you’re mostly used to bongs, bowls and joints, PAX 3 will be a slightly different experience. The main tip I’d offer on a high-level (see what I did there?) is to basically experiment with different temp settings and strains until you find what works best for you. 

    But there’s definitely a few factors you may want to look into to make sure your PAX 3 device can live its best life.

  1. Your Material: You can use flower and concentrates with your PAX 3 device, but since you mentioned you’re old school, we’ll stick with flower tips for now. First, keep in mind your PAX 3 device doesn’t create vapor, but instead extracts moisture from flower in the form of vapor. It’s best to grind your flower to a medium consistency (not a fine grind) and load the oven at least half way. Most importantly, pack your material firmly into a brick. The handy PAX 2/3 Multi-Tool that comes in the device complete kits is precisely shaped to the contours of the oven to make packing flower a breeze.
  2. Your Screen Placement: Also make sure your PAX 3 oven’s screen is properly placed. Place one end of your screen into the corner of the oven and let the other side of the screen fall loosely above the opening. Now press gently on the “X” in the middle of the screen to secure it. Flip your device over and shake it. If your screen stays put then you’re good to go.
  3. Your Temperature: PAX 3 has four built-in temp settings. I’d recommend the 2nd or 3rd setting if this is your first time using PAX 3. Select your temp mode by turning your device on with a short (1 second or less) press, and then giving the power button a long (2 second) press. Once in this mode, use short presses to cycle through the 4 temperature settings. To exit temperature selection mode, give the power button another long press, or just shake your device.
  4. Your Draw: You mentioned you mostly used bowls, bongs and joints before. And I think this may be the key difference you’re experiencing with your PAX 3 device so far. Some key advice here is: Sip it, don’t rip it! PAX 3 does the work for you by collecting vapor in the vapor path.  A gentle 3-5 second draw clears that path. Drawing harder, or longer, will not create more vapor. It’s definitely a different, smoother “hit” than what you’d experience from your former “old school” ways! 

    I hope these tips are useful, Smokeless. And I hope you start to love your birthday gift!


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