Introducing New PAX Live Rosin Pods

Fresh-pressed Live Rosin

Our fresh-pressed Live Rosin with natural diamonds delivers the cleanest full flower experience in cannabis. Made from premium local cannabis flower, fresh frozen at the peak of harvest, and extracted without any harsh chemical solvents — nothing added, nothing removed. We’ve preserved all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes to bring the best out of the flower — for a high potency, perfectly balanced experience.

PAX’s innovations in formulation and extraction means we deliver the purest 100 percent cannabis, high grade extract. With the potency of natural diamonds, each pod is made up of 80-90+% THC. Now available in California at an unmatched price: starting at $35 for .5G and $55 for our new 1G offering.

Unlike an average 510, our patented Low Heat Technology keeps consistent flavor and potency from start to finish for every pod.

Live Rosin Strains

We’re proud to offer 11 small-batch new and classic sativa, indica, and hybrid strains including: Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, Jack Herer, California Orange, Blueberry OG, Mochi Cookies, Guava Gelato, LeAnni Halmon Cake, Lavender Haze, Tahoe Rose, and Wifi Mints.

Stay tuned to the Journal to learn more about each strain and PAX’s innovative approach to live rosin. *No harmful heavy metals, solvents, pesticides or combustion byproducts, ever.

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