Limited-Edition Pax Era Life™ Malibu

There’s just something about those coastal California summer nights.

Magic is in the air. Excitement abounds. Adventure awaits.

Basically, it’s a whole vibe.

Limited-Edition Pax Era Life™ Malibu

We’ve captured that spirit with Malibu – the new, limited-edition Pax Era Life.

Maybe it comes from the dual-tone gradient color? Maybe it comes from whatever Era pod you use with it?

Either way, there’s something special about Malibu. And it surely deserves its rightful place in your stash.

But here’s the kicker – there’s only 5,000 of this limited-edition Pax Era Life out there.

We hope you find yours before they’re all gone.

Use our PAX Store Locator to see if Malibu* is in your area and check back for new locations. Happy hunting!

*PAX Era Life Malibu is not available online.

PAX Era Malibu Billboard Image
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