Live Rosin & Diamonds: The Pax Pod Pair

It’s been a game-changing few months for fans of the PAX Era device line. With the release of new Diamonds and Live Rosin, PAX introduced its own collection of premium pods exclusively for PAX Era. Diamonds and Live Rosin pods provide pure, potent cannabis experiences on a reliable, discreet and portable device.

Wanna get to know this pair a little bit better? Here’s a quick overview of Diamonds and Live Rosin to help you pick the perfect pod.

Introducing: DIAMONDS

A first-of-its-kind product, Diamonds deliver the experience of concentrates in an easy-to-use pod. You no longer need a dab rig or a blowtorch to get pure potency. Each Diamonds pod boasts 95%+ THC, is purified from California flower and is 100% cannabis.

Diamonds are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a potent, more affordable experience. Now available for just $40 for a 1g pod in seven classic and celebrated cultivars:

  • Granddaddy Purple — Indica
  • Watermelon Z — Indica
  • Strawberry Cough — Sativa
  • Durban Poison — Sativa
  • Sunset Sherbet — Hybrid
  • OG Kush — Hybrid
  • Wedding Cake — Hybrid


While Diamonds provide pure potency, Live Rosin pods deliver a full flower experience with an enticing entourage effect..

PAX Live Rosin pods are developed from soil to oil and fresh-pressed using the highest grade flower curated from local farms. Extracted without any harsh chemical solvents, our clean process preserves all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabis connoisseurs will appreciate the true-to-flower experience, flavors and aromas in every Live Rosin pod. Live Rosin is available in .5g and 1g pods across 11 cultivars:

  • Wifi Mints - Indica
  • Tahoe Rose - Indica
  • Blueberry OG - Indica
  • Blue Dream - Sativa
  • Pineapple Express - Sativa
  • Jack Herer - Sativa
  • California Orange - Hybrid
  • Mochi Cookies - Hybrid
  • Guava Gelato - Hybrid
  • Lemon Cake - Hybrid
  • Lavender Haze - CBD

As of now, Diamonds and Live Rosin pods are only available in California. Use our Store Locator to find pods in your area.

If you’re not in California, please stay tuned! PAX has plans to release Diamonds and Live Rosin in new states throughout the year.

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