PAX Cashed 2020

2020 was hard, but PAX made it better. Here’s the year in review for the PAX Community, we hope you enjoy it and look forward to starting 2021 on a high note.

Here are the highlights!

We got super high together.

Lazy Sundays and cozy afternoons were the vibe.

Grandma’s turkey never tasted so good.

These brands were with us the whole way!

Here are our highest rated pods.

According to you, these Era pods were the best of the best, and are a great place to start for a lifted 2021.

We’d give these reviews a 10/10 any day.

Here’s how you personalized your PAX experiences in 2020.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and high 2021! Purchase our PAX 3, Era Pro and Era vape pens today and use Jane’s pod locator to search for pods in your region that are compatible with your Era device. All reservations are fulfilled by licensed dispensaries, as facilitated by Jane. PAX does not produce, manufacture, or distribute cannabis.

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