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Made by PAX for cannabis oil pods.

Made by PAX for cannabis oil pods.

Meet the ERA line of oil vaporizers, made to get the best out of your cannabis oil pods. Both the Era Life and the Era Pro have compact and low-key designs and provide discrete vaporization. Patented temperature control brings out the best in your oil extracts so you get consistent flavors, aromas, and potency. Simply pop in a PAX Era pod, and enjoy.


Era Pro is designed to bring the best out of your oil extract pods. Get 250 puffs (65% more than the Era Life) on a single charge. Utilize the PAX App for more control over your vaporizer experience. Compatible with PAX Era pods, available at a shop or delivery service near you.


We designed Era Life to deliver the benefits of full flavour cannabis oils with minimal effort. This foundational vaporizer has a compact design with instant draw, a rechargeable battery, and discrete vapor. Use with compatible PAX Era pods.

FAQs: Questions Answered

An oil vaporizer is a device that uses a battery to heat cannabis oil to a vapor which is then inhaled. Compared to burning, vaporizing maintains many of the terpenes or aromas and minor cannabinoids present in flower, so more of these compounds are activated. Precise temperature controls can allow you to choose a temperature that is best suited to whatever cannabinoid or terpene you would like to enjoy.

With ERA it's easy. Simply insert a certified oil pod into a charged ERA and draw gently to produce the vapor and enjoy. During this process the cartridge, which is filled with oil, heats to a vapor containing concentrated amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Yes. Certified oil pods for PAX ERA work in both the Pro and Life device lines.

Both ERA Pro and ERA Life are terrific vaporizers. With ERA Pro you get more run time with around 250 puffs (70 - 80 sessions) and interactivity with the PAX app for 4+ temperature modes. ERA Life is our most affordable vaporizer, with a run time around 150 puffs (40 - 50 sessions) and 4 temperature settings. Both devices have a capacity of .5g + 1g pods and instant heat time. ERA Life is not compatible with the PAX app.