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Era Pods: Where Can I Find Them?

PAX Labs Inc. has sold empty Era pods to various fillers in select states, which fill the pods with herbal extracts at their discretion.

Use our Store Locator to find a PAX Era retailer near you.

Era Pods: Refills

We believe design, precision and quality are important in creating the best vapor experiences. At this time, empty pods are only sold to fillers in select states.

PAX Era pods are meant to be disposed of once empty. Attempting to refill Era pods will cause leaking and may cause damage to your device not covered under the 1 Year Ltd Warranty.

Era Device: Functionality

Unlike other concentrate devices that always apply the same power regardless of the coil temperature, Era features PAX proprietary algorithm-controlled heating. Temperature control is the ideal way to deliver consistent performance and flavor for a wide variety of material.

Era will heat using 8W until the heater reaches your selected target temperature, at that point variable wattage is in play depending on the current temperature of the nichrome heater. Throughout each session, the wattage applied to the heater is automatically adjusted and regulated to ensure just the right power at all times.

All this to say your last puff tastes just as good as the first.

Era Device: Temperature Settings

Fahrenheit: Low: 520, Med-Low: 610, Med-High: 700, High: 790

Celcius: Low: 270ºC, Med-Low: 320, Med-High: 370, High: 420

Era Pods: Volume

PAX Era pods were designed to hold up to .5 grams. Actual volume may vary by concentrate and location.

Era Pods: Pod Lifetime

The lifetime of a pod is dependent on a few factors including the temperature setting, type and viscosity of concentrate.

For more information about Era pods, visit an Era retailer. You can find a retailer near you using our Store Locator.

Era Pods: Design

The Era pod utilizes a single 2mm silica wick, but unlike other cartridges which only use single ended wicks causing them to dry out quickly, both ends of the Era pod wick are submerged, allowing for improved wick saturation and performance across a full range of oil viscosities.

The Pod tank (in contact with the oil) is designed using all food grade plastics. Other Era pod components include gold plated brass, the nichrome heater and cotton batting to absorb condensation.

Era Device: Battery

The Era device features a 240mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Time to full charge is approximately 45 minutes via the micro USB to USB cable included in your device kit. Devices may require charging out of the box before using for the first time. Overall battery life is impacted by a variety of factors including temperature setting and length of individual sessions. We estimate the battery life from a full charge to last up to 200 puffs.

Please Note: Portable electronics containing Lithium Ion batteries present rare, but potentially serious safety hazards, especially under hot or cold conditions. Charging of the PAX device should only be performed at temperatures between 32°F and 95°F (0°C and 35°C). To assure personal and property safety, never charge your PAX device below 32°F (0°C) or above 95°F (35°C). Never charge or leave your PAX device in a vehicle.

Era Maintenance: General State

PAX Era requires minimal to no maintenance. We recommended that you keep your device in a protective case to ensure it stays clean and safe. It's fine to leave Era pods inserted in between sessions.

Era Maintenance: Storing your device

If you plan to store your PAX Era for awhile, we recommend removing the pod and ensuring your device is significantly charged. If you're using the PAX app you may want to enable Child Lockout.

Storing PAX Era for an extended amount of time (a month or longer) with a low battery may make it difficult to regain battery functionality when you're ready to use it again. As a consumable component of the device, PAX Era batteries are not covered under the 1 Year Ltd Warranty.

Era Device: Replacement Parts?

There are no parts that require periodic replacement.

Era Support: Warranty

All PAX Era devices are covered by a 1 Year Limited Warranty.

We recommend registering your PAX Era device and purchase date by creating an account here to ensure a quick and easy turn around should you ever need to use the warranty.

Era Support: I need product support for PAX Era and/or pods?

Get help from the PAX Pros by email and by chat on our support page during our hours of operation, Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm PST.

We'll work with you to answer questions, provide best practice tips for using your PAX Era device or facilitate warranty services.

For questions about the contents of your Era pods which are not PAX products, please contact your local retailer.

Era Device State: Standby

After 10 seconds of inactivity the LEDs dim completely. There are no ON / OFF buttons for PAX Era. Just pick it up and take a puff to wake it up. When not in active use the LEDs will remain dark.

Era Device State: Charging Indication

While charging, each LED petal glows to indicate 25% increments of battery charge.

A pulsing white petal indicates current charge level.

Solid white LEDs indicate charge level complete.

Four solid LEDs mean your battery is 100% charged.

Era Device Interaction: Low Battery Indication

When Era needs to be charged, all LEDs blink red 3 times before the device powers down.

Era Device Interaction: Pod Detection Indication

White LED's sweep downward when pod is inserted.

Blue LED's sweep upward when pod is removed.

Era Device Interaction: Temp Set Mode

In Temp Set Mode each LED indicates a temperature selection by the number and color of petals displayed. One green LED indicates the Low default temp setting. Two yellow LED's indicate the Med-Low default temp setting. Three orange LED's indicate the Med-High setting. Four red LED's indicate the High default temp setting.

To enter Temp Set Mode, first shake the device then remove the Era pod. Once the pod is removed the LED will start by displaying your current selection then the petals will slowly begin to cycle through the remaining temperature settings. Reinsert the pod when you see your desired setting indicated. Once you've selected your temperature, Era will confirm back by pulsing the selection's matching LED indication.

If you've set a custom temperature through the app, it will be displayed on the LEDs between the High default temperature setting and the Low default temperature setting.

Pro Tip: It's not necessary to fully remove the pod from the device to enter Temp Set Mode. You may find raising the pod from the device slightly is helpful.

Era Device Interaction: Session Usage

Depending on how much control over your experience you prefer, there are times you may want to meter your session usage as you become more familiar with PAX Era. An individual session is measured through a series of consecutive petal indications.

To check your current session usage after a draw or two or ten, give PAX Era a double tap with your finger. As you progress through your session more petals light up and change color, first, cycling through 4 green LEDs, then blue LEDs followed by red LEDs before returning to green.

Pro Tip: Usage meters may vary from one person to another and from pod to pod. You'll learn how to read the petals as relative measurements for your sessions. Session usage metering will reset to zero 30 minutes after your last puff or if manually reset.

EraDevice Interaction: Session Reset

If you'd like to reset your usage meter during any session, tap the device six consecutive times with your finger.

Era will confirm the reset by displaying a counter-clockwise green swirl indication. This is also displayed when session usages is or very close to zero petals.

Era App Feature: Full Temperature Range

When Era is paired with the app you can fine tune your device's temperature setting. Click on the image of your Era in the app to open the Temperature Range selection.

Swiping left or right gives you a Quick Adjust and will decrease or increase the temperature range setting by 10 degree increments.

Swipe up or down to Fine Tune adjust by 1 degree increments.

While adjusting your device's temperature settings, Era's LEDs will blink a corresponding temp color to confirm you selection.

Please note, as of 11/15/19, PAX Mobile for iOS is not available from the App Store. You may still download the PAX Mobile from Google Play.

Era App Feature: LED Brightness

Within the app's Settings screen, you can adjust the LEDs brightness using the slider. As you adjust the slider, the LED will blink to confirm your selection.

Please note, as of 11/15/19, PAX Mobile for iOS is not available from the App Store. You may still download the PAX Mobile from Google Play.

Era App Feature: Child Lock

If Child Lockout is enabled, PAX Era will not heat when attempting to puff from the device and will instead show a counter-clockwise red LED animation.

Please note, as of 11/15/19, PAX Mobile for iOS is not available from the App Store. You may still download the PAX Mobile from Google Play.

Era How-to Video guide