What are the Pax temperature settings?
How do I know how much battery life is left in Pax?

Do You Speak Pax?

The LED Indicator on Pax tells you everything you need to know when using your device. Whether you’re charging, cleaning or changing the temperature setting, the LED will blink, pulse, or shine a solid color at different times. Primary LED signals can be found in the User Guide in the Manuals section.

LED Indicator Guide

Power On - The LED will pulse purple for 30 seconds and then turn green when the oven reaches your desired temperatures setting.

Standby - A blue LED indicates standby when Pax is motionless for 30 seconds.

Battery Levels - Shake Pax to check your battery level: red blinks = less than 10%, yellow blinks = less than 80%, green blinks = 80% - 100%

Charging - Pax will shine orange while charging and will turn green when your battery reaches at least an 80% charge.