Pax Customer Support


PAX was designed to be easy to use with little to no learning curve. Whether you are new to using PAX or have tried it before, read on for Pro Tips from our knowledgeable tech and support team. Vapor feels different for everyone, so the most important tip we can give you is experiment to find what works for you.

Setting the temperature

Most PAXers like to start on the low or medium temperature setting and work their way up to the highest temperature before finishing.

Filling the oven

  • If not already shredded, grind your material into small pieces. A moderate grind is perfect.
  • Because PAX utilizes conduction heating, you’ll want to pack your oven contents firmly to increase the surface area of your material.
  • Tamp the contents down until your oven is halfway full at minimum. You can fill the oven all the way too, just make sure none of your material is above the edge of the oven.
  • Tamp down again before replacing your oven lid.

Turning on PAX

  • Turn your PAX on by pushing down on the mouthpiece and gently releasing your thumb.
  • The mouthpiece is spring loaded so if you push down hard and release quickly your mouthpiece will pop up.

Drawing on PAX

While PAX is pulsing purple, indicating it’s heating up you should know the following:

  • PAX does the work for you and creates vapor in the oven through direct contact, gently heating your material.
  • Drawing a lot of air through the device won’t create more vapor, you will just be inhaling hot air. Instead, allow the vapor to form in the oven to produce bigger clouds.
  • A firm, but gentle 2-3 second draw should be enough to clear the oven of vapor. Remember to give PAX a few seconds in between your next draw to heat your material again and create more vapor in the oven.
  • When you start to taste less and see less vapor, adjust the temperature setting to high to make the most of your oven contents.
  • You can tell the ovenload is finished if no more vapor is being produced.
  • “Sip it. Don’t Rip it”

Screen Placement

  • The PAX's screen plays a critical role in the quality of your vapor.
  • If you notice a change in the quality of your vapor, your screen is probably due for a cleaning.
  • You’ll also want to make sure the oven screen is inserted properly.

Turning PAX off

  • Lightly push down about half-way until you feel the mouthpiece click into place. Release your finger gently.
  • The mouthpiece sits on top of a spring and as you push down about half-way, a clasp grabs the metal ring that sits just under the plastic mouthpiece.
  • There’s a good chance on your first try, you’ll push down too far and miss the clasp, causing the spring to bottom out and pop up the mouthpiece.
  • After you’ve become familiar with the motion, you’ll be able to close the mouthpiece quickly and easily.